Bill Payer FAQ's

Q: What is the fee for Internet Bill Pay?
A: The Bill Pay service is free to members who pay two or more bills per month; otherwise, a low $2.95 monthly fee applies.

Q: How is the Internet Bill Pay service accessible to our members?
A: Bill pay is a feature of Internet Banking. You must have access to Internet Banking and a Market USA FCU checking account to use Bill Pay. If you do not have Internet Banking access, please contact us.

Q: What can members do through Internet Bill Pay?
A: The Bill Payer service has the following features:

  • Setup automatic or manual payments of recurring bills
  • Setup automatic payments for bills with floating balances due (i.e. phone, utility, and water, etc)
  • Set up a one time payment (i.e. magazine subscription)
  • Review upcoming scheduled payments and make necessary changes
  • Online receiving and viewing of bills from over 370 billers
  • Multiple scheduling options for one time, recurring, and electronic payments
  • Funds deducted from your account, on the date your payment is due
  • User-friendly Payment Center to manage all of your bills and payment activity from one convenient screen
  • Bill reminders will notify you when a bill needs to be scheduled or when a payment has been made
  • Calendar feature assists you with identifying the earliest available payment date

Q: Who can I pay?
A: Payments can be made to any merchant, institution, or individual in the U.S., including credit card payments, utility bills and many others. (NOTE: Federal, State, or Local Government agencies, collection agencies, and alimony or child support payments are permitted but are not covered by the Guarantee)

Q: What type of account is needed for Bill Pay?
A: A Market USA FCU checking account. If you do not currently have a checking account, learn how to open one on our Opening Accounts page.

Q: How are payees set up?
A: A payee can easily be set up online. To add a payee, select "Add a Bill" from the Payment Center Menu. Follow the prompts to input the payee's information.

Q: Once a Payee is established, what kind of information can I modify?
A: You may change all of the information for the payee. Including, payee name, account number, phone number, address, nickname and category.

Q: What does "Due Date" or "Pay Date" mean?
A: "Due date" or "Pay Date" selection is the date that the payment is due to the merchant. Funds will be deducted from your account on this date.

Q: How far in advance should payments be set up?
A: The calendar feature will show you the earliest possible due date. This is the date the payee will received the payment and the date funds will be deducted from your account.

Q: What is the cutoff time for entering payments to be sent the same day?
A: If a payee is able to accept same day payments the cutoff time is 2pm EST.

Q: When does Market USA FCU take the money out of my account?
A: Funds will be deducted from your account on the due date.

Q: What happens if a payment is set up but the funds are not available at the time of a scheduled payment?
A: If funds are not available the scheduled payment will be submitted again the following business day. Each time a payment attempt is unsuccessful, the member will receive a notice. After two (2) attempts (once a day for two business days) and funds are still not available, a rejection letter will be mailed to the member. A final notice will also be sent notifying the member of the rejection

Q: Can I change payment amounts?
A: Yes, under the "Pending Payments" section select "Change" next to the payment you wish to change. You may change the amount, due date, or cancel the payment.

Q: Can stop payments be placed?
A: The Internet Bill Pay Service's ability to process a stop payment request will depend on the payment method and whether or not a check has cleared. The Internet Bill Pay Service may also not have a reasonable opportunity to act on any stop payment request after a payment has been processed. If you desire to stop any payment that has already been processed, you must contact Internet Bill Pay Member Service at 888-918-7654. Although every effort will be made to accommodate your request, the Internet Bill Pay Service will have no liability for failing to do so. The Internet Bill Pay Service may also require you to present your request in writing within fourteen (14) days. The charge for each stop payment request will be the current charge for such service as set out in the applicable fee schedule.

Q: Can I view the payment history for specific payees?
A: Yes, select "Bill History" from the Payment Center menu

Q: How do I know if a payment was sent?
A: You can verify that a payment has been made by reviewing the 'Bill History' screen online. A paid status indicates that a payment has been sent.

Q: Can a member obtain proof of payment?
A: You can verify that a payment has been made by reviewing the 'Bill History' screen online. Proof of payment is also shown on the next bill you receive from the merchant.

Q: What happens if Market USA FCU does not properly complete a bill payment on time or in the correct manner?
A: If the payment is not credited after five days, call the biller's customer service. If the problem still isn't resolved, you can send us a payment inquiry. We contact the biller on your behalf in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Q: Are all payments electronic?
A: Most of the payees are set up to receive electronic payments. The database is always being updated and improved to make as many payments electronically as possible. Electronic payees receive payment information in an electronic format that automatically updates their accounts receivable system. Non-electronic merchants or individual payees receive a laser printed-paper check sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Q: Do I have overdraft protection with the Bill Pay service?
A: If you have overdraft protection attached to your checking account, than yes, your overdraft protection will cover Bill Pay deductions from your checking account.

Q: Is there a restriction on the dollar amount I can pay using Bill Pay?
A: Yes, you can only pay up to $15,000 using Bill Pay.



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